Growth sites

Our first growth facility Overåneset Øst was installed in 2001 with the new catamaran frame. Since then we have four additional growth sites in place with a total of 7,17 aquaculture licenses. All our farms are steel catamaran constructions with 5 cages on each site.

We have divided Storfjorden into two separate hygiene zones, with a collective fallowing period of at least 1 month. This is a part of our strategy further towards a complete sustainable farming, and will contribute to reduce the risk of decease between sites and the pressure on the environment.

Fjordlaks Aqua has invested in the high-technology thermic treatment of sealice - Optilicer. This is an important tool to fulfill our company commitment to never be above 0,2 female sealice on average. In addition the Optilicer only utilizes hot seawater to treat sealice and is environmental friendly, no discharge of therapeutants, and so far no signs of resistance registered.