Global Welfare

Global welfare

Our main goal is to develop and maintain a financially sound and prosperous business. Hofseth International assumes the responsibility of the areas over which we have control. This means that we have a responsibility towards the local community and immediate environment in which we operate, as well as towards our employees, customers, suppliers and society as a whole. We have therefore defined some key requirements for our activities in order to ensure that we are a business focusing on social responsibility.

  • We commit ourselves to perform our activities with integrity and a high ethical standard.
  • We comply with all legal requirements valid in the countries where we operate.
  • We respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights and acknowledge our responsibility to comply with the requirements thereby imposed on our operations.
  • We have an open dialogue with those affected by our operations (both those who believe they are affected and those who are).
  • Promote activities and partnerships which will contribute to obtaining sustainable development for the company and its surroundings.
  • Make it visible to the company's interested parties that we have a clear vision and implementation capacity in relation to social responsibility. 
  • Actively work to ensure animal welfare within the industries in which we operate. 
  • Inspire our surroundings through passion and dedication to what we do.
  • Innovation and decisiveness shall be the recurring theme throughout all areas of our business.
  • Have fun at work and spread this good mood to those who cross our paths at work and in our free time.

Within the framework of what we can influence, we will strive to ensure that our production, suppliers, partners and other partners respect and follow the principles of our Code of Conduct.