Human Welfare

Human welfare

A good and stable relationship with all employees, based on mutual respect and dignity is vital to Hofseth International. Employment terms offered to our employees shall satisfy the minimum requirements of national law.

The company shall always strive towards keeping work related accidents and health issues to a minimum.  Many of our employees have physically demanding work. In order to prevent discomfort, injuries and absence in connection with this, the company shall as far as possible eliminate the most stressful work positions through innovation and automation. All work related accidents, injuries and absence will be recorded so that we are always updated and can strive to prevent repetition.

  • We offer a healthy and safe working environment, and commit to continuous improvement.
  • We offer equal opportunities regardless of race, skin color, gender, nationality, religion ethnicity or other characteristics. We do not accept discrimination or bullying.
  • We make it easy for employees and others associated with Hofseth International to report legitimate concerns or dissatisfaction in such a way that in ensures correct treatment and measures, without the one reporting risking retaliation.
  • We accept the employees' right to establish or join workers’ unions, in accordance with regulations and practice in the respective countries.
  • We offer training and the opportunity for education supporting their current and future development plans.
  • We do not employ people under the age of 15, or under the applicable country's statutory age limit.
  • HSE is central to our work.
  • Ensure individual development through training and performance appraisals.
  • We do not use mandatory labor, slavery or other forms of involuntary labor in our workplaces. We do not accept conditions that hinder the freedom of movement of the employees.
  • Good "headroom" for ideas and other feedback from the company's employees.
  • The Managing Director and the cleaning crew have equal value to the company.  Different responsibilities shall be valued according to performance, not according to title.
  • The company expects that employees show the same respect and loyalty towards their workplace as they receive from the company.
  • The employees shall follow the code of conduct, hygiene requirements and company rules stated in the company's staff manual. 
  • The employees are obligated to inform the management if they observe violations of the company's guidelines.  
  • By signing a document for completed training, employees have accepted that violations of the guidelines will have consequences. The severity of the consequence shall be proportionate to the severity of the violation. 
  • Be an active participant in the local community and ensure a good relationship with the local inhabitants.
  • The company's management is obligated to take time to talk to elderly people at the local store who want to know how the salmon business is doing.

In order to develop the company it is important to develop the employees. This shall be done through targeted employee follow-up. Employees shall be given both criticism and praise, and can give criticism and praise back. Employee performance appraisals shall be documented so that the company can use the information to develop the employee and thereby develop the company.