HOFSETH does not expend unnecessary CO2 for the transportation of raw materials to process our products on the other side of the globe, just to be imported once again to our main market. Our entire product is processed locally in Norway, with the newest available technology.

Global welfare

Within the framework of what we can influence, we will strive to ensure that our production, suppliers, partners and other partners respect and follow the principles of our Code of Conduct.

Human welfare

A good and stable relationship with all employees, based on mutual respect and dignity is vital to Hofseth International. 

Business welfare

The enterprise and its management shall continuously work for a healthy financial development and good profits for their shareholders. 

Enviromental welfare

Hofseth International commits itself to proactive environmental management, because we strongly believe that the seafood industry can contribute significantly to a more sustainable world.

Salmon welfare

Hofseth International shall manufacture products and services of such a quality that the company's existence is secured in the short and long run.