Research & Development

Hofseth is committed to improving the industry’s and our own load on the environment. We therefore welcome every request for sharing knowledge and developing new technology. Every request will be considered.

Project requests can be sent to:
Svein Flølo - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date Upcomming projects
H-17 Stingray – delicing system, new lasersystem to effectively remove lice in a non-harmful way to both fish and environment.
V-17 Sharing of production data with Monteray Bay. They want better understanding of rainbow trout farming and its impact on the environment.
2017 Research on rainbow trout digestive system to solve “vassbuk og fett-gulp” problems.
2017 Development of a new system for measuring fat and color.
V-18 Area clean up in Tafjord
H-18 Aolvox dropin – oxygen trial